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Finding a bedsore on the buttocks, back, or feet or a loved one is often a horrific, shocking discovery. The truth is that bedsores are an easily preventable injury. They are the direct result of negligent care and abuse by a nursing facility, hospital, and its staff.

Nursing home residents, assisted-living facility residents, and hospital patients in Palm Beach County may be at high risk for bedsores. Known technically as decubitus ulcers, these sores develop into aching wounds, which can ultimately lead to intense pain, gangrene, infection, and even death. The surgical removal of these sores, known as "debridement," is excruciating. Prevention is by far the best management tool.

The Four Stages of Pressure Ulcers (bedsores)

The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUA) defines four stages of pressure ulcers:

  • Stage 1: Damage to skin and tissue is localized
  • Stage 2: The skin loses its thickness
  • Stage 3: Serious tissue loss occurs
  • Stage 4: Severe tissue loss occurs

Stage 1: Damage to skin and tissue is localized. Pressure, sheer force, and friction can create localized damage to skin and underlying tissue. For instance, consider the case of a patient confined to a long stint in bed at a Florida nursing home or hospital. If she is not regularly turned, she may develop a stage 1 pressure ulcer where her body presses against the bed. The ulcer usually develops near a bony prominence, such as a knee, hip bone, elbow, etc. The skin may look blanched, darker than the rest of the skin, and red.

Stage 2: The skin loses its thickness. At this stage, the ulcer develops and becomes an open wound or a blister. The bruising might indicate injury to the deep tissue.

Stage 3: Serious tissue loss occurs. Fat tissue located under the wound may at this point become visible. The bone is not yet exposed. The depth of the bedsore depends on where in the body it is located.

Stage 4: Severe tissue loss occurs. This stage is characterized by severe loss of tissue, tendon, muscle, and even bone. The ulcer base may be covered with colorful “slough.” During stage 4, the bone, the tendon, the faschia and other structures may become visible, due to the depth and severity of the damage.

Why do bedsores so commonly afflict nursing home residents and hospital patients?

The answer is that sick, recovering, or exhausted patients often need to spend prolonged periods of time in bed. If a nursing home resident or hospital patient is allowed to rest in the same position for too long, pressure ulcers naturally occur. Bedsores can affect people at any age. A fit and vigorous 26-year old who lies in bed for a week straight would almost certainly develop extreme pain, bruising, and other problems. However, seniors in nursing homes often have other conditions that make them especially vulnerable to bedsores. For instance, a pressure ulcer that might cause extreme pain and annoyance for a 26-year old could kill a vulnerable 75-year old.

Preventing Bedsores

Preventing bedsores is very easy, provided that effective, timely care is given.

If a patient must stay in bed for an extended period, she should be turned and examined at regular intervals. Nursing home and hospital staff should be trained extensively in preventing bedsores. Unfortunately, negligence and incompetence can contribute to a tragedy.

If you suspect that a family member is at risk for these ulcers, take action now. Do not wait until you are "100 percent certain" of the diagnosis. The Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb, P.A., can help you. Our West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers can provide a free, confidential consultation regarding your bedsore case. If necessary, we can help you take immediate, powerful action to protect your family member’s health, and obtain compensation for injuries and other damages. We can also hold the nursing home, hospital or other liable parties responsible for their negligent care.

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