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poduct liability and defects personal injury attorneys In Florida, product liability laws protects an individual's right to hire an attorney and seek compensation for personal injury due to the use or misuse of a defective or improperly designed product. Our defective product lawyers are excellent at litigating and pursuing these consumer rights.

When a defective product causes injury or death, the manufacturer, designer, and/or distributor(s) are liable to the victim or the family of the victim for the injuries that the defective product has caused. But because these cases are extremely complex, you need a product liability lawyer like Craig Goldenfarb to help you secure a settlement or verdict.

Our West Palm Beach product liability attorneys has successfully litigated against toy makers, vehicle manufacturers, and manufacturers and distributors of numerous other products under theories of negligence, strict liability, and breach of contract.

Different Variations of Product Defects

There are several types of flaws that may make a product defective:

  • Manufacturing defect - Where the product was designed properly, but the defect came about through the manufacturing process.
  • Design defect - Where the product was essentially flawed because of its design.
  • Failure to warn - Where a product, although otherwise safe, causes an injury due to the manufacturer's failure to warn of a particular danger associated with the use of the product that was known or reasonably foreseeable to the manufacturer.

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