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Heart Attacks In Public Places Videos

When heart attacks happen in public, a AED could save a life

Did you know someone who lost their life to a heart attack in a public place? Could an AED have saved their life?

This is a niche area of personal injury law that Craig Goldenfarb spends much of his focus on practicing. That's because it's a complicated and "young" area of the law. AEDs, or Automated External Defribulators, have only been required to be present by law at certain places, like Federal buildings and sports arenas. It's not required everywhere.

But what if an AED was required in a building but was not there, or it was there, but it was malfunctioning or deficient unbeknownst to the building or property owner, and someone experiences a heart attack and dies? Terrifying, isn't it? Is the building owner to blame for wrongful death?

Learn more about this area of law by watching the short videos below. And because this is such a complicated area of law, if you know someone who has died of a heart attack in public, you should consider contacting us as soon as possible to review the details of your case.

Mr. Goldenfarb has handled AED personal injury cases all over the state over the last few years, as this area of law has received more and more attention.

Call 1-(561) 600-5605 or 561-697-4440 to speak with an intake specialist today about your potential case. The call is free and without obligation to hire us at all.

AED Videos

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