Meet Our West Palm Beach Personal Injury Lawyers

Our team of personal injury lawyers and law office staff has the experience, dedication, and knowledge necessary to secure the best possible resolution for your personal injury case. Get to know our West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers by clicking on a lawyer's name below.

Our lawyers each have at least 20 years of experience in the area of law known as personal injury. Many of our attorneys have formerly worked for insurance defense firms representing insurers in car accidents, slip and falls, and other personal injury negligence cases.

Many of our lawyers have formed and managed their sole practitioner's personal injury law firm prior to joining our firm. An entrepreneurial spirit is a quality each of our talented lawyer's exhibit. It's a passion for justice that drives them to do their very best for every client, every day.

Almost all of our lawyers knew each other at one time or another throughout their distinguished careers. The familiarity and admiration our attorneys share for each other creates a "gel", a bond between them, that ultimately promotes collaboration, efficiency, and a work ethic that wouldn't be found in other firms.

Support Staff - Administration

Legal Administrator: Michelle Winfree
Marketing Director: Tom Copeland
Client Relations Manager: Casey Smith
Intake Manager: Amy Boykin
Finance Manager: Rachel Bentley

Support Staff - Legal

Pre-Litigation Paralegal: Diana Ramirez
Pre-Litigation Paralegal: Kasten Kenig
Pre-Litigation Paralegal: George Hernandez
Critical Case Paralegal: Sue Newall
Critical Case Paralegal: Cathy Vasquez
Closing Paralegal: Kym Schoenberg
Closing Paralegal: Katrina Malone

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