Auto Accident Videos

Auto Accident Videos

Informative videos about how to handle a West Palm Beach car or auto accident

If you have been injured in a car or auto accident in West Palm Beach, you're going to be hurt, confused, and left with dozens of questions. How will you get your car fixed? What if you need a specialist for your injuries? Should you answer all of the insurance adjuster's questions? If you do hire a lawyer, how long will it take to get your case resolved?

Many of these questions and more will be answered in the videos below. As you are browsing the videos, we want to encourage you to consider contacting us if you have any questions that you are not finding an answer to. Of course, if you have a potential case, these videos will not answer questions as they relate to your case and the facts surrounding it. So you will want to talk to one of our lawyers.

Call 1-(561) 600-5605 or call local at 561-697-4440 to speak to one of our intake specialists today about your potential case, for FREE .

Auto Accident Videos

Who Pays For Repairs After A Car Accident In West Palm Beach? Craig Goldenfarb, an auto accident attorney in West Palm Beach, FL, ... Play Video
How Much is Your Florida Accident Case Worth? Craig Goldenfarb, an experienced West Palm Beach accident attorney, ... Play Video
Why Do I Need a Palm Beach Accident Lawyer? Hiring a personal injury attorney can be difficult and finding the ... Play Video
You Only Pay If We Win Your Case Are you wondering how much it costs to hire an experienced West Palm ... Play Video
West Palm Beach Lawyer Will Deal with the Insurance Adjuster Hiring a personal injury attorney can be difficult, but handling ... Play Video
West Palm Beach Accident Victims Need a Lawyer Attorney Craig Goldenfarb, a knowledgeable West Palm Beach accident ... Play Video
How Long Does a Palm Beach Accident Case Take? West Palm Beach accident attorney Craig Goldenfarb explains in this ... Play Video

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