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Palm Grove Apartment Complex
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Another shooting at the Palm Groves Apartments in West Palm Beach over the weekend has left two men dead and another injured. Victim’s families may have a valid lawsuit to file against the owners of the apartment complex for negligent or inadequate security.

A double homicide occurred at the Palm Groves Apartments in West Palm Beach on Saturday, April 27. The apartment complex is located on North Australian Ave. Two men were killed in the attack, which may have been prevented had the owners of the apartment complex instituted better safety and security precautions on the premises.

The victims have been identified as Bernard Jones and Alan Bernard Newman, aged 26 and 41, respectively. A third victim was injured and remains in the hospital. This victim has not been identified. One man has been arrested in connection, but there may be additional perpetrator(s) still on the loose.

The Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb, P.A. has sued Palm Grove Apartments before for insufficient security at their apartment complex.

Our law firm is experienced in a particular area of law referred to as negligent security. This particular area of law deals with negligence claims against the owner(s) of properties on which an injury or death occurs that may have been prevented had the owner taken the reasonable precautions to prevent such tragic events.

Palm Grove Apartment Complex
The entrance to the Palm Grove Apartment Complex, offering no security gate.

We are currently handling two separate cases involving earlier shootings against this very apartment complex, Palm Grove. There is a trend of serious gun violence occurring at this complex, and to the extent required by Florida Law, the owner of this complex is responsible for providing a reasonable minimum level of safety and security to their grounds and for their tenants. When shootings like this that take the lives of these two men, Mr. Jones and Mr. Newman, the corporate owners of the complex may be held responsible in civil court for their negligence.

Palm Grove Apartment Complex
The northwest exit gate of the Palm Grove Apartment Complex is locked shut.

That means that the families can be compensated for their loss from the apartment complex’s liability insurance company.

Call our law firm today if you or someone you know has been shot or killed at the Palm Grove Apartment Complex in West Palm Beach at 561-444-4440.

Original Post: West Palm Beach Police responded to reports of a shooting near the apartment complex around 8 P.M. on Saturday. The incident took place on North Australian Avenue, south of 25th Street. Two men were pronounced dead and a third shooting victim was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Police say one suspect is in custody, and they are searching for others who may have been involved in the shooting. Anyone with information on the shooting is urged to contact the West Palm Beach Police Department.

Palm Grove Apartment Complex
The entry to the front of the Palm Grove Apartment Complex has a key card pad, but no gate.

The Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb, P.A. is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals and families that have suffered injuries due to the negligence of others. Our attorneys have more than 170 years of combined experience investigating and representing those who have suffered tragic loss or severe injuries.

If you know a surviving family member of a person who was injured or killed in an accident, please encourage them to give our firm a call immediately. The consultation is completely free, and there is no out-of-pocket cost to the family to hire us.

Note: The purpose of this news blog, is to write about cases relevant to our industry and raise awareness about injury cases where victims of similar incidents can see what their rights are. This article is created using publicly available information and is a secondary source. If you find any information here to be inaccurate, please notify us and we will make the appropriate adjustments.

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