A young woman slips and falls on an unknown liquid substance at a Big Box store.

A slip and fall is a devastating and extremely embarrassing moment for anyone to experience. It’s not always the fault of the victim when there’s a fall – but rather, it may be the fault of the store to not properly and adequately keep their floors and premises safe and clear of danger.

A fall can happen to anyone at any age, as a young woman named “Kelly” learned the hard way. She was walking through the aisle of an unnamed “Big Box” store, shopping and minding her own, when she slipped and fell on an unknown liquid substance pooled together in the middle of the aisle.

The fall resulted in severe injuries to her knees and legs. Corrective surgery was required in order to bring her back to her normal state of mobility, health, and well-being. We held the insurance company liable for the injuries and medical payments, and agreed to a substantial settlement that has since allowed Kelly to live a normal, productive, and active life.

Case Type

Premises Liability



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