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46-year-old bus driver and devoted father Thomas Dunn was tragically killed on his route, even after complaining about inadequate safety on his transit bus.

A slip and fall is not entirely your fault Businesses have a responsibility to keep their floors safe, clean, and free of hazards for their customers and anyone else who is on their property. This is Florida law. While some people might think of a slip and fall case as a frivolous or silly lawsuit,…

A person can slip or trip and fall anywhere; but when it occurs in a store, the store may be responsible for the accident. Under Florida law, if you sustain an injury in a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property, you may be able to recover compensation from the store or the property…

A good West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer should seek to educate people about premises liability law in Florida. Many people are confused: how might slip-and-fall law apply to your situation? In this essay, we will consider three widely believed myths about Florida slip-and-fall accidents and help you to start to think right about them….