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Family of Abbie Rosemeyer May Have a Wrongful Death Case

Family of 88 year-old car accident victim, Irma Fensterman, may have a Wrongful Death Case

Kavika “Sofia” Chugh was killed in a head-on collision auto crash. This is a potential wrongful death case.

A very young boy at only 8 years-old has lost his life due to what the surviving parents suspect to be sudden cardiac arrest. If proven true, Caleb Ray would be one of the youngest victims of SCA due to the absence of an AED in years. Our lawyers discuss potential negligence.

Reports are surfacing that 2017 was a deadly year for railroad deaths in South Florida, and our firm handled several of those cases. With the high-speed rail Brighline coming on full service from Miami to West Palm, the problem is expected to get worse.

Mr. Yefin Bogomolsky was killed in an auto crash at one of the most dangerous intersections in West Palm Beach. This is a potential wrongful death case.

John Thomas Dillion IV was killed from an explosion at a construction site at a residential Boynton Beach condo complex. His family may have options.

When a young student athlete collapses and dies from an unknown medical condition, it is a shock to their family, friends, the athletic staff and fellow teammates, and the community at large. And sadly, it is becoming more familiar. About 1 in 90 student athletes in the U.S. will suffer from Sudden Cardiac Arrest during…

Gwinnett County teen Michael Jones passed away on the morning of Saturday, July 29th, 2017 on a soccer field in Duluth, GA. Jones was reportedly playing in a scrimmage game with his recreational soccer team when he suddenly collapsed due to cardiac arrest. At least one coach from the Atlanta Fire United Club, the club…

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