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Kavika “Sofia” Chugh was killed in a head-on collision auto crash. This is a potential wrongful death case.

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Car accidents are a regular occurrence in south Florida, but when a young life is taken as a result it is always deeply devastating. A young lady named Kavika “Sofia” Chugh, was unfortunately killed on Friday, 14th of December in a head on collision, when another driver veered into oncoming traffic caused the collision. Though she was living in Orlando, it was on her way home from an outing with friends to watch the Geminids meteor shower that the accident took place.

The 23 year, Kavika, had just graduated with honors from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and was less than six month into her tenure as a registered nurse at Doctor Philips Hospital. Kavika loved animals, and it was common for her to find a way to connect with this passion through the variety of pets that she cared for.

Distressing incidents like these often leave loved ones spending a significant amount of time grieving their loss before considering how they might move forward. There is often a liability and wrongful death case that can be made in circumstances similar the one involving Kavika; a competent and reputable law firm such as The Law Offices of Craig Goldenfarb, will have the experience and resources to take the legal burden off of the family’s shoulders as they take the time to heal from such a life altering event.

Usually, liability for the collision will fall on the insurance company of the person at fault. In this case it may result in a significant financial recovery for the family, which could help them cover funeral costs as well as any lost wages that they might be entitled to as a result of the loss. It is imperative that the family seek legal advice from a qualified law firm that will provide a completely confidential and free consultation, and represent their interest at no upfront costs.

This is all within the scope of the valuable work that a personal injury law firm does. Not all personal injury law firms focus on catastrophic death cases such as this; our firm in West Palm Beach happens to be one of those firms.

Kavika is remembered as a vibrant and caring individual, who spent a great deal of her free time giving back to her community through volunteering at an Alcoholics Anonymous Youth Group. Her spirit of compassion and service was honored by an Orlando Celebration of Life Candlelight Vigil organized by her friends and family. She is survived by her parents Jairaj Chugh and Betty Ann Chugh.

To extend additional support to her family during this difficult time, a donation in any amount can be given via their gofundme page:  https://www.gofundme.com/memorial-fund-for-kavika-sofia-chugh

If you know a surviving family member of a person who was killed in an auto crash, please encourage them to give our firm a call immediately. The consultation is completely free, and there is no out-of-pock cost to the family to hire us. Call 561-697-4440.

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