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Shooting injuries and death, rape, and other heinous crimes may be the basis for a personal injury case

Unfortunately, we live in a dangerous society, and Florida is no exception. Seriously heinous crimes, such as robbery, fatal and near-fatal shootings, rape, human trafficking, and extremely dangerous drug dealing occur throughout Palm Beach County. It’s especially harrowing when you or a loved one is touched by this seemingly random violence.

The state of Florida puts the burden on the premises or property owner to secure their parking lots, land, buildings, stores, rooms, lobbies, and entire properties, safe from danger that may cause not only a slip and fall, but also safe from criminals and predators.

One of the key ways to secure a property include closed-circuit TVs, fences, guard gates, on-premises security guards, and an alert and attentive owner, property manager, or shift worker. When a terrible act of violence happens, there may be some burden of liability on the property or premises owner, because they may have failed to secure the property adequately.

Negligent Security and Apartment Complexes

One common personal injury case relating to negligent security we often see is that the owners of apartment complexes may be held liability in the event of a shooting, rape, or known drug or human trafficking. If any of these acts occur and result in permanent or serious injury to the victim, or death, there may be a negligent security claim available to bring against the apartment complex owners.

Often, these owners are actually companies. And very often, we see many of the same companies violating negligent security precautions again and again. We are not afraid to hold these habitual Defendants to task for their frequent violations of their duty to keep their residents and customers safe from shootings, rape, and other crimes.

Negligent Security and Places of Business

Other owners of properties who may be held liable for negligent security could include places of business. One such example might be a nightclub in which a shooting or other act of violence or aggression occurs. We hear of terrible events in the news media, but many people do not realize that this is a potential personal injury case.

What it boils down to is whether the property or business owner took adequate steps to ensure that they did everything they could to prevent the destructive acts of someone else on their property that results in injury or death.

These types of personal injury cases are often extremely sensitive, and require the full confidence of confidentiality among our lawyers and staff. They are also complex and often difficult cases, which commands the attention of a specialized team of lawyers, paralegals, and staff. It’s for that reason that we have a dedicated “Critical Case” team.

This team, led by Mr. Craig M. Goldenfarb, Esq. himself, alongside our litigation director, work extremely closely with our client and our specialized Critical Case paralegals to manage the case from the very beginning.

Critical Cases are particularly reserved for Mr. Goldenfarb’s as the lead attorney. If you think you may have a critical case, please contact us immediately at [phone tracking=”general”]561-444-4440[/phone], or, you may complete this secure intake form to choose a time that works best for you to talk to us.

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